apt - (adj.) suitable, fitting, likely; quick to learn
  Synonyms: appropriate, fit, proper, liable
  Antonyms: inappropriate, unlikely, slow

awry - (adj., adv.) in a turned or twisted position or direction; wrong, out of the right or hoped-for course
  Synonyms: (adj.) crooked, askew, amiss
  Antonyms: (adj.) straight, symmetrical

bludgeon - (n.) a short club used as a weapon; (v.) to strike with a heavy club; to use force or strong argument to gain some point
  Synonyms: (n.) cudgel; (v.) clobber, clout

capitulate - (b.) to end resistance, give up, surrender, throw in the towel
  Antonyms: hold out, persist

chafe - (v.0 to warm by rubbing; to wear sore by rubbing; to feel annoyance or dissatisfaction, annoy, irk; to strain or press against; (n.) a sore or injury caused by rubbing
  Synonyms: (v.) irritate, scrape, abrade
  Antonyms: (v.) soothe, mollify, please, elate

defile - (v., trans.) to make unclean or dirty, destroy the purity of; (v., intrans.) to march in a single line or in columns; (n.) a narrow passage; gorge, canyon
  Synonyms: (v. trans.) pollute, contaminate, desecrate
  Antonyms: (v.trans.) cleanse, purify

dire - (adj.) dreadful, causing fear or suffering; warning of trouble to come; demanding immediate action to avoid disaster
  Synonyms: disastrous, ominous, sinister, urgent
  Antonyms: favorable, auspicious, beneficial

disarming - (adj.) charming, tending to get rid of unfriendliness or suspicion
  Synonyms: endearing, winning
  Antonyms: alarming, troubling, disquieting

disgruntled - (adj., part) in bad humor, discontented, annoyed
  Synonyms: displeased, grumpy, surly
  Antonyms: pleased, satisfied, content

encroach - (v.) to advance beyond the usual or proper limits, trespass
  Synonyms: intrude, infringe

endow - (v.) to furnish, equip, provide with funds or some other desirable thing or quality
  Synonyms: grant, bestow, present, bequeath
  Antonyms: take away, deprive

fend - (v.) to ward off, resist; to get along, manage
  Synonyms: stave off, cope

impunity - (n.) freedom from punishment
  Synonyms: exemption from penalty, immunity

mien - (n.) air,manner; appearance; expression
  Synonyms: look, bearing, demeanor

penal - (adj.) having to do with punishment
  Synonyms: correctional, disciplinary

predominant - (adj.) the greatest in strength or power; most common
  Synonyms: chief, major, paramount, prevalent
  Antonyms: secondary, minor, subsidiary, rare

prodigy - (n.) something wonderful or marvelous; something monstrous or abnormal; an unusual feat; a child or young person with extraordinary ability or talent
  Synonyms: marvel, wonder, freak, genius
  Antonyms: dumbbell, dunce, dullard

recluse - (n.) a person who leads a life shut up or withdrawn from the world
  Synonyms: loner, hermit

renown - (n.) fame, glory
  Synonyms: reputation, celebrity, prestige
  Antonyms: obscity, infamy, notoriety

abut - (v.) to join at one end or be next to; to support, prop up
  Synonyms: border on, bolster

attire - (n.)  clothes, apparel, garb; (v.) to dress, adorn, or bedeck
  Synonym: clothing

avail - (v.) to be of use or benefit to: to make use of; to take advantage of ; to profit or benefit; (n.) use, benefit, or value

crony - (n.) a very close friend, pal, chum, buddy
  Antonyms: enemy, rival

cryptic - (adj.) puzzling, mystifying, or enigmatic
  Antonyms: crystal clear, unambiguous 

divergent - (adj.) going in different direction; different from each other; departing from convention, deviant
  Synonyms: not in agreement, differing, unorthodox, unconventional
  Antonyms: merging, intersecting, converging, orthodox, conventional

enmity - (n.) hatred, ill-will
  Synonyms: hostility, animosity, antagonism
  Antonyms: friendship, amity

fervent - (adj.) very earnest, emotional, passionate; extremely hot
  Synonyms: enthusiastic, ardent, burning, blazing, scorching
  Antonyms: blasé, apathetic, restrained, emotionless

gaunt - (adj.) thin and bony, starved looking; bare, barren
  Synonyms: lean, scrawny, lanky, all skin and bones
  Antonyms: plump, chubby, stout, corpulent

infiltrate - (v.) to pass through or gain entrance to gradually or stealthily
  Synonyms: slip into, creep into, penetrate

nullify - (v.) to make of no value or consequence, cancel, wipe out
  Synonyms: invalidate, annul
  Antonyms: confirm, endorse, ratify, sanction

perceptible - (adj.) capable or being grasped by the sense or mind
  Synonyms: noticeable, discernible, observable
  Antonyms: invisible, unnoticeable, indiscernible

plummet - (v.) to plunge straight down; (n.) a weight fastened to a line
  Synonym: (v.) take a nosedive
  Antonyms: (v.) soar, skyrocket

proclaim - (v.) to declare publicly or officially
  Synonyms: announce, promulgate
  Antonyms: conceal, cover up

proxy - (n.) an agent, substitute; a written permission allowing one person to act in another's place
  Synonyms: deputy, representative

rankle - (v.) to cause anger, irritation, or bitterness ( with the suggestion that the pain grows worse with time)
  Synonyms: irritate, vex, nettle, irk, gall
  Antonyms: please, delight, gratify

scavenger - (n.) a person who collects or removes usable items from waste materials; an animal that feed on refuse or dead bodies
  Synonym: rummager

stint - (v.) to limit, be sparing or frugal; (n.) a limit or restriction; a fixed share of work or duty; a period of activity
  Synonyms: (v.) restrict, scrimp, economize
  Antonyms: (v.) splurge, squander, lavish

stoical - (adj.) self-controlled, not showing feeling in response to pleasure or pain
  Synonyms: unresponsive, impassive
  Antonyms: excitable, emotional, hotheaded

unflagging - (adj.) tireless, continuing with vigor
  Synonyms: steady, undimished, unremitting
  Antonyms: diminishing, drooping, sagging
acme - (n.) the highest point
  Synonyms: summit, top peak, pinnacle
  Antonyms: low point, bottom, nadir

attribute - (n.) a quality or characteristic belonging to or associated with someone or something; (v.) to assign to, credit with; to regard as caused by or resulting from
  Synonyms: (n.) trait; (v.) ascribe

belittle - (v.) to make something appear smaller than it is; to refer to in a way that suggests lack of importance or value
  Synonyms: minimize, underrate, disparage
  Antonyms: exaggerate, magnify, overestimate

convey - (v.) to transport; to transmit; to communicate, make known; to transfer ownership or title to
  Synonyms: carry, send, impart

doctrine - (n.) a belief, principle, or teaching; a system of such beliefs or principles; a formulation of such beliefs or principles

excise - (v.) to remove by cutting; (n.) an indirect tax on the manufacture, sale or distribution of a commodity or service
  Synonyms: (v.) cut out, delete, expunge
  Antonyms: (v.) put in, insert, interpolate

exotic - (adj.) foreign; charmingly unfamiliar or strikingly unusual
  Synonyms: strange, alien, picturesque, colorful
  Antonyms: native, indigenous, familiar, commonplace

haggard - (adj.) thin, pale, and careworn as a result or worry or suffering; wild-looking
  Synonyms: drawn, gaunt, wasted
  Antonyms: healthy, glowing radiant, hale and hearty

jaunty - (adj.) lively, easy, and carefree in manner; smart or trim in appearance
  Synonyms: unconcerned, lighthearted
  Antonyms: downcast, dejected, glum

juncture - (n.) a joining together; the point at which two things are joined; any important point in time
  Synonyms: union, seam, joint, turning point

menial - (adj.) lowly, humble, lacking importance or dignity; (n.) a person who does the humble and unpleasant tasks
  Synonyms: (n.) underling, scullion, servant
  Antonyms: (adj.) lofty, elevated; (n.) boss, master

parry - (v.) to ward off, fend off, deflect, evade, avoid; (n.) a defensive movement in fencing and other sports

predatory - (adj.) preying on, plundering, or piratical
  Synonyms: looting, pillaging, ravenous, rapacious

ravage - (v.) to destroy, lay waste, ruin; (n.) ruinous damage, destruction
  Synonyms: (v.) wreck, devastate
  Antonym: (v.) spare

stance - (n.) a way of holding the body; an attitude or position on an issue
  Synonyms: posture, bearing

tawdry - (adj.) showy and flashy but lacking in good taste
  Synonyms: loud, garish, gaudy, tacky, vulgar
  Antonyms: refined, tasteful, subdued, muted

turncoat - (n.) a person who switches to an opposing side or party
  Synonyms: traitor, quisling, deserter, renegade
  Antonyms: loyalist, diehard

unassuming - (adj.) not putting on airs, unpretentious; modest
  Antonyms: conceited, pretentious, self-important

wallow - (v.) to roll about in a lazy, clumsy, or helpless way; to overindulge in; to have in abundance; (n.) a wet, muddy, or dusty area used by animals as a sort of bath; a state of moral or physical collapse
  Synonyms: (v.) delight in, bask in

waver - (v.) to move to and fro, become unsteady ; to show lack of firmness or decision
  Synonyms: hesitate, falter
  Antonyms: stand 
admonitory (adj.) – conveying a gentle reprove

affidavit (n.) – sworn written statement made before an authorized official

bona fide (adj.) – made or carried out in god faith ; genuine

colloquy ( n.) – a talking together; conference; conversation

conducive (adj.) – tending to lead to; contributive; helpful

consequence (n.) – 1. that which follows logically; result 2. importance

contingent (adj.) – 1. dependent on something else 2. accidental

corpus (n.) – general collection of body of writing, laws, etc.

corpus delicti (n.) – 1. facts proving that a crime has been committed 2. body of the victim in a murder case

corpuscle (n.) – 1. blood cell 2. minute particle

credence (n.) – belief as to the truth of something

cursory (adj.) – running over hastily; superficially done as a cursory glance

discursive (adj.) – wandering from one topic to another ; rambling; digressive

ductile (adj.) – 1. able to be drawn out or hammered thin (like in metal) 2. easily led on; move by persuasion

egress (n.) – mean s of going out; exit

elocution (n.) – art of speaking out or reading effectively in public

esprit de corps (n.) – spirit of a body of persons; group spirit

evince (n.) – show clearly; disclose

expedite (v.) – 1. facilitate 2. accelerate or speed up (ant. delay)

extrovert (n.) – one more interested in matters outside the self than in one’s own thought and feelings

fidelity (n.) – faithfulness to a trust or vow (ant. perfidy) 2. accuracy; faithfulness of sound reproduction

fiduciary (adj.) – 1. held in trust (fiduciary property)

fractious (adj.) – apt to break out into a passion; cross; irritable

frugivorous (adj.) – feeding on fruit

grandiloquent (adj.) – using loft or pompous words; bombastic

gratis (adv.) – without charge or payment; free

introvert (n.) – one more interested in one’s own thoughts and feeling than in matters outside oneself

introvert (v.) – turn inward

loquacious (adj.) – talkative; garrulous

missive (n.) – written message sent; a letter

moribund (adj.) – dying; near death

mortuary (n.) – funeral home

obloquy (n.) – 1. a speaking against; censure 2. public reproach

omnifarious (adj.) – of all varieties, forms, or kinds

omnific (adj.) – all creating

omniscient (adj.) – knowing everything

pedestrian (adj.) – commonplace or dull

perfidious (adj.) – false to a trust; faithless

perfidy (n.) – violation of a trust; treachery; faithlessness, disloyalty (ant. fealty)

pertinacious (adj.) – adhering firmly to a purpose or opinion; very persistent

prehensile (adj.) – adapted for seizing; as a prehensile claw

prosecute (v.) – 1. follow to the end or until finished 2. conduct legal proceedings against; sue

refractory (adj.) – resisting; intractable; hard to manage

regressive (adj.) – disposed to move backward; retrogressive

remand (v.) – send back; recommit, as to a prison

remiss (adj.) – negligent; careless; lax (ant. scrupulous)

remit (v.) – 1. send money due 2. forgive

reprehend (v.) – find fault with; rebuke reprimand; censure

reprehensible (adj.) – deserving of censure; culpable

retrograde (adj.) – 1. going backward 2. becoming worse

retrogression (n.) – act of going from a better to a worse state

stricture (n.) – adverse criticism; censure

tact (n.) – sensitive mental perception of what is appropriate on a given occasion

tangent (adj.) – touching

tangent (n.) – line or surface meeting a curved line or surface at one point, but not intersecting it

tangential (adj.) merely touching; slightly connecting; digressive

tenancy (n.) – period of a tenant’s temporary holding of real estate

tenet (n.) – principle, belief or doctrine generally held to be true

torsion (n.) – act of twisting; twisting of a body by two opposing forces

traduce (v.) – malign; slander; vilify; calumniate

velocipede (n.) – 1. child’s tricycle 2. early form of bicycle

vertigo (n.) – condition in which one feels that one’s surroundings are turning about; dizziness

viaduct (n.) – bridge for conducting a road or railroad over a valley, river, etc.

vivisection (n.) – operation on a living animal for scientific investigation

writ of mandamus (n.) – written order from a court to enforce the performance of some public duty

acrophobia (n.) – fear of being at a great height

agoraphobia (n.) – fear of open spaces

anomaly (n.) – deviation from the common rule

anoxia (n.) – deprivation of (state of being without) oxygen

anthropology (n.) – science dealing with the origin, races, customs, and beliefs of humankind

anthropomorphic (adj.) – attributing human form or characteristics to beings not human, esp. gods

antipathy (n.) – aversion; dislike

antipodes (n.pl.) – parts of the globe (or their inhabitants) diametrically opposite

apathy (n.) lack of feeling, emotion, interest, or excitement; indifference

aphelion (n.) – farthest point from the sun in the orbit of a planet or comet

apnea (n.) – temporary cessation of breathing

aseptic (adj.) – free from disease-causing microorganisms

atomizer (n.) – device for converting a liquid into a fine spray

autarchy (n.) – rule by an absolute sovereign

biometry (n.) – statistical calculation of the probable duration of human life

biota (n.) – the living plants and living animals of a region

dipody (n.) – verse consisting of two feet; a dimeter    

dyslogistic (n.) – expressing disapproval or censure; uncomplimentary (ant. eulogistic)

dysphasia (n.) – speech difficulty resulting from brain injury

empathy (n.) – the complete understanding of another’s feelings, motives, etc.

endogenous (adj.) – produced from within; due internal causes

endophyte (n.) – plant growing within another plant

esoteric (adj.) – inner; private; difficult to understand

euphemism (adj.) – substitution of a “good” expression for an unpleasant one

euthenics (n.) – science dealing with improving living conditions

exogenous (adj.) – produced from without, due to external causes

geodetic (adj.) – pertaining to geodesy (math dealing with the earth’s shape and dimension)

geoponics (n.) – art or science of agriculture

georgic (adj.) – agricultural

georgic (n.) – poem of husbandry (farming)

heteroclite (adj.) – deviating from the common rule; abnormal; atypical

heteroclite (n.) – person or thing deviating from the common rule

heterology (n.) – lack of correspondence between parts

heteronym (n.) – word spelled like another, but differing in sound and meaning

homonym (n.) – word that sounds like another but differs in meaning and spelling

hydrophobia (n.) – 1. morbid (abnormal) fear of water 2. rabies

hyper(hypo)glycemia (n.) – excess (abnormally low) amount of sugar in the blood

hyperemia (n.) – superabundance of blood

hyperopia (n.) – farsightedness

macron (n.) – horizontal mark indicating that the vowel over which it is placed is long

misandry (n.) – hatred of males

misanthrope (n.) – hater of humanity (ant. philanthropist)

misogamy (n.) – hatred of marriage

misogyny (n.) – hatred of women

misology (n.) – hatred of argument, reasoning or discussion

misoneism (n.) – hatred of anything new

monograph (n.) – written account of a single thing or class of things

monomania (n.) – excessive concentration on one idea or subject

myopia (n.) – nearsightedness

necrology (n.) – list of persons who died recently

pathology (n.) – 1. science dealing with the nature and causes of disease 2. something abnormal

pericardium (n.) – membranous sac enclosing the heart

perihelion (n.) – nearest point to the sun in the orbit of a planet or comet

periodontics (n.) – branch of dentistry dealing with diseases of the bone and gum tissues supporting the teeth

periphrastic (adj.) – expressed in a round-about way

peristyle (n.)  1. row of columns around a building or court 2. the space so enclosed

peritonitis (n.) – inflammation of the peritoneum (membrane lining the abdominal cavity and covering the organs)

petrology (n.) – scientific study of rocks

philatelist (n.) – stamp collector

philately (n.) – collection and study of stamps

-phile (suf.) – one who loves or supports

philharmonic (adj.) – pertaining to a musical organization, such as a symphony orchestra

philogyny (n.) – love of women (ant. misogyny)

philology (n.) – study (love) of language and literature

phlebotomy (n.) – opening of a vein to diminish the blood supply

polyglot (adj.) – speaking several languages

polyglot (n.) – person who speaks several languages

polytechnic (adj.) dealing with many technical arts or sciences

sociology (n.) – study of the evolution, development, and functioning of human society

sympathy (n.) – a sharing of feeling with another’s trouble; compassion

tome (n.) – one volume or “cut” of a work of several volumes; scholarly book

abject (adj.) – deserving contempt; sunk to a low condition; wretched

abstemious (adj.) sparing in eating in drinking; temperate; abstinent

acme (n.) – highest point, pinnacle; summit

adulation (n.) – excessive praise; flattery

amorphous (adj.) – shapeless; having no definite form; unorganized

anticlimax (n.) – abrupt decline from the dignified to the trivial; comedown; bathos

apiary (n.) – place where bees are kept

apogee (n.) 1. farthest point from the earth in the orbit of a heavenly body (ant. perigee)

arbitrary (adj.) – autocratic; despotic; tyrannical; proceeding form a whim or fancy (ant. legitimate)

archaic (adj.) – no longer used, except in special context; old-fashioned

astringent (adj.) – 1. severe; stern 2. causing contraction

astringent (n.) – substance that shrinks tissue and checks flow of blood

attenuate (v.) – make tin; weaken

axiom (n.) – self-evident truth; maxim

bigoted (adj.) – intolerant; narrow-minded

blandishment (n.) – word or deed of mild flattery; allurement; enticement

blithe (adj.) – 1. merry; joyous 2. heedless

callow (adj.) – young and inexperienced; unfledged

calumnious (adj.) – falsely and maliciously accusing; defamatory; slanderous

carrion (n.) – decaying flesh of a carcass

chagrin (n.) – embarrassment; mortification; disappointment

cogitate (v.) – think over; consider with care; ponder

complacency (n.) – self-satisfaction, smugness

complacent (adj.) – too pleased with oneself – often without awareness of possible dangers of defects; self-satisfied; smug

consummate (adj.) – perfect, superb, carried to the highest degree

convalesce (v.) – recover health after illness; recuperate

convalescent (n.) – person recovering from sickness

convivial (adj.) – 1. fond of eating and drinking with friends 2. sociable

coy (adj.) – pretending to be shy

crone (n.) – withered old woman

curry (v.) favor (n.) – seek to gain favor by flattery

defunct (adj.) dead; deceased; extinct

demure (adj.) – 1. falsely modest or serious; coy 2. grave; prim

diffident (adj.) – lacking self-confidence; unduly timid; shy (ant. confident)
staid (adj.) – of settled, quiet disposition; sedate

dipsomania (n.) – abnormal; uncontrollable craving for alcohol; alcoholism

disconsolate (adj.) – in bad humor, displeased; discontented
maudlin (adj.) – weakly sentimental and tearful

droll (adj.) – odd and laughter-provoking

dross (n.) waste; refuse

eclectic (adj.) – choosing ideas, etc. from various sources

encomium (n.) – speech or writing of high praise, tribute

environs (n.pl.) – districts surrounding a place; suburbs

expurgate (v.) – remove objectionable material from a book; bowdlerize; purify

fallacious (adj.) based on a fallacy (erroneous idea); misleading; deceptive

flippant (adj.) – treating serious matters lightly

flotsam (n.) – wreckage of a ship of its cargo found floating on the sea; driftage

forebear (n.) – forefather; ancestor

fulsome (adj.) – offensive because of insincerity; repulsive; disgusting

fusty (adj.) – 1. stale smelling; musty; moldy 2. old-fashioned

gala (adj.) – characterized by festivity

halcyon (adj.) – calm; peaceful

harlequin (n.) buffoon; clown

hypochondriac (n.) – one who is morbidly anxious about personal health or suffering from imagined illness

imputation (n.) – charge, esp. an unjust false charge; insinuation; accusation

inebriated (adj.) – drunk; intoxicated

inveterate (adj.) – 1. firmly established by age, deep-rooted 2. habitual

jetsam (n.) – goods cast overboard to lighten a ship in distress

jettison (n.) throw (goods) overboard to lighten a ship or plane; discard

jocose (adj.) – given to jesting; playfully humorous; jocular

jocund (adj.) – merry; cheerful

lackey (n.) follower who carries out another’s wishes like a servant; toady

levity (n.) – lack of proper seriousness; trifling gaiety; frivolity

libel (n.) false and defamatory printed or written statement

libelous (adj.) injurious to reputation; defamatory; calumnious

nadir (n.) – lowest pint

nepotism (n.) – favoritism to relatives by those in power

noisome (adj.) – 1. offensive to smell; disgusting 2. harmful; noxious

nonage (n.) legal minority; period before maturity

nugatory (adj.) – of little or no value; trifling; worthless; useless

obsequious (adj.) – showing excessive willingness to serve; subservient, fawning

obsolescent (adj.) – going out of use; becoming obsolete

offal (n.) – waste parts of a butchered animal; refuse; garbage

ornithology (n.) – study of birds

ostentations (adj.) – done to impress others; showy; pretentious

paltry (adj.) practically worthless; trashy; piddling; petty

parody (n.) humorous imitation

pathos (n.) – quality in events or in art that arouses our pity

pert (adj.) – too free in speech or action; bold; saucy; impertinent

plumb (v.) – get to the bottom of; ascertain the depth of; fathom

poignant (adj.) – painfully touching , piercing

predicament (n.) – situation where either choice is bad

preeminent (adj.) standing our above others; superior

primeval (adj.) – pertaining to the world’s first ages; primitive

primordial (adj.) – 1. existing at eh very beginning 2. elementary; primary; first in order

progeny (n.) – offspring; children; descendants

propinquity (n.) – 1. kinship 2. nearness of place; proximity

puerile (adj.) – foolish for a grown person to say or do; childish

rank (adj.) – 1. having a strong, bad odor or taste; offensively gross or coarse 2. extreme

rationalize (v.) – invent excuses for one’s actions, desires, failures, etc.

ravine (n.) – deep, narrow gorge worn by running water

slander (n.) false and defamatory; calumnious

slatternly (adj.) – untidy; dirty from habitual neglect; slovenly

sophistry (n.) – clever but deceptive reasoning

sordid (adj.) – filthy; vile

sot (n.) – person made foolish by excessive drinking; drunkard

specious (adj.) – apparently reasonable, but not really so

stigma (n.) – mark of disgrace

sublimate (v.) – 1. redirect the energy of a person’s bad impulses into socially and morally higher channels 2. purify; refine

superannuated (adj.) retired on a pension; extremely old

svelte (adj.) – slender; lithe

sycophant (n.) – parasitic flatterer; truckler

teetotaler (n.) – person who abstains from intoxicating beverages

tenable (adj.) capable of being maintained or defended

travesty (n.) – imitation that makes a serious thing seem ridiculous, mockery

unguent (n.) – ointment; salve

volition (v.) – will

zenith (n.) – 1. highest point, culmination (ant. nadir) 2. pint in the heavens directly overhead

Abashed - (adj., part.) embarrassed , ashamed, or nonplussed
  Antonyms: unembarrassed, unashamed

Aloof - (adj.) withdrawn, standing apart from others (usually as a matter of choice)
  Synonyms: distant, cold, standoffish
  Antonyms: involved, sociable

Anguish - (n.) great mental suffering, distress, or pain; (v.) to be deeply tormented by pain or sorrow
  Synonyms: (n.) misery, woe, torment
  Antonyms: (n.) joy, delight, peace of mind

Articulate - (v.) to pronounce distinctly; to express well in words; to fit together into a system; (adj.) able to use language effectively; expressed clearly and forcefully
  Synonyms: (v.) enunciate, expound; (adj.) glib, eloquent
  Antonyms: (adj.) tongue-tied, mumbled, incoherent

Bask - (v.) to be in, or expose oneself to, pleasant warmth; to take pleasure in or derive enjoyment from
  Synonyms: wallow, revel

Defect - (n.) an imperfection, flaw, or blemish of some kind; (v.) to desert a cause or organization

Finesse - (n.) delicate skill; tact and cleverness; (v.) to accomplish something by cleverness, good judgment, or skillful evasion
  Synonyms: (n.) delicacy, subtlety
  Antonyms: (n.) clumsiness, awkwardness

Flaunt - (v.) to wave or flutter showily; to display in a conceited, offensive way
  Synonyms: show off, parade
  Antonyms: hide, downplay

Forthright - (adj.) frank, direct, straightforward
  Synonyms: candid, blunt
  Antonyms: indirect, evasive, deceitful, two-faced

Genial - (adj.) cordial, pleasantly, cheerful or warm
  Synonyms: friendly, amiable
  Antonyms: cold, unfriendly, unsociable

Instill - (v.) to add gradually; to introduce or cause to be taken in
  Synonyms: implant, infuse, inculcate
  Antonyms: root out, eradicate, extirpate

Ostracize - (v.) to exclude from a group, banish, send away
  Synonyms: cast out, expel, blackball, snub
  Antonyms: fraternize with, associate with

Premonition - (n.) forewarning or foreboding of a future event
  Synonym: presentiment

Pseudonym - (n.) a pen name, name assumed by a writer
  Synonym: nom de plume

Purge - (v.) to wash away impurities, clean up; (n.) the process of getting rid of something or someone decisively
  Synonyms: (v.) cleanse, purify
  Antonyms: (v.) pollute, contaminate, defile

Rehabilitate - (v.) to make over in good form; to restore to good condition or to a former position
  Synonyms: reclaim, rebuild, reform 

Repercussion - (n.) an effect or consequence of some action or event, result; an echo or reverberation
  Antonyms: cause, source

Resolute - (adj.) bold, determined; firm
  Synonyms: steadfast, unflinching
  Antonyms: weak, spineless, indecisive

Retentive - (adj.) able to hold, keep, or recall; retaining knowledge easily
  Antonyms: porous, forgetful

Scapegoat - (n.) a person or thing carrying the blame for others
  Synonyms: fall guy, whipping boy
Aghast - (adj.) filled with amazement, disgust, fear, or terror
  Synonyms: shocked, horrified, stupefied
  Antonyms: delighted, overjoyed, unmoved

Ample - (adj.) more than enough, large, spacious
  Synonyms: sufficient, adequate, considerable
  Antonyms: insufficient, inadequate

Apparition - (n.) a ghost or ghostly figure; an unexplained or unusual appearance
  Synonyms: phantom, specter

Assert - (v.) to declare or state as truth, maintain or defend, put forward forcefully
  Synonyms: affirm, avow

Cower - (v.) to crouch or shrink away from in fear or shame
  Synonyms: cringe, flinch
  Antonym: stand up to 

Disdain - (v.) to look upon with scorn; to refuse scornfully; (n.) a feeling of contempt
  Synonyms: (v.) spurn, reject
  Antonyms: (v.) revere, venerate, esteem, respect

Epitaph - (n.) a brief statement written on a tomb or gravestone
  Synonym: tombstone inscription

Ethical - (adj.) having to do with morals, values, right and wrong; in accordance with standards of right conduct; requiring a prescription for purchase
  Synonyms: upright, virtuous, honorable
  Antonyms: immoral, unscrupulous, dishonest

Facetious - (adj.) humorous, not meant seriously
  Synonyms: comical, witty, tongue-in-cheek
  Antonyms: serious, humorless

Inaudible - (adj.) not able to be heard
  Synonyms: faint, indistinct
  Antonyms: audible, easily heard

Indiscriminate - (adj.) without restraint or control; unselective
  Synonyms: haphazard, random, uncritical
  Antonyms: selective, discriminating, judicious

Intrigue - (n.) crafty dealings, underhanded plotting; (v.) to form and carry out plots; to puzzle or excite the curiosity
  Synonyms: (n.) scheme, plot, conspiracy
  Antonym: (n.) fair play

Jurisdiction - (n.) an area of authority or control; the right to administer justice
  Synonym: purview

Plausible - (adj.) appearing true, reasonable, or fair
  Synonyms: believable, probable
  Antonyms: improbable, far-fetched

Plebeian - (adj.) common, vulgar; belonging to the lower class; (n.) a common person, member of the lower class
  Synonyms: (adj.) lowborn, proletarian, coarse, unrefined
  Antonyms: (adj.) aristocratic, refined, cultivated

Prodigal - (adj.) wastefully extravagant; lavishly or generously abundant; (n.) one who is wasteful and self-indulgent
  Synonyms: (adj.) improvident; (n.) spendthrift, wastrel
  Antonyms: (adj.) frugal, economical, stingy, miserly

Proximity - (n.) nearness, closeness
  Antonyms: distance, remoteness

Pulverize - (v.) to grind or pound to a powder or dust; to destroy or overcome (as though by smashing into fragments)
  Synonyms: crush, demolish

Sequel - (n.) that which follows, a result; a literary work or film continuing the story of one written or made earlier
  Synonyms: follow-up, continuation
  Antonyms: prelude, overture, curtain-raiser

Volatile - (adj.) highly changeable, fickle; tending to become violent or explosive; changing readily from the liquid to the gaseous state
  Synonyms: unstable, erratic
  Antonyms: stable, steady, static, inert, dormant
Adapt - (v.) to adjust or change to suit conditions
  Synonyms: regulate, alter, acclimate
  Antonyms: remain unchanged

Attest - (v.) to bear witness, affirm to be true or genuine
  Synonyms: witness, verify, confirm, corroborate  
  Antonyms: deny, disprove, refute, rebut

Dovetail - (v.) to fit together exactly; to connect so as to form a whole; (n.) a carpentry figure resembling a dove's tail  
  Synonyms: (v.) mesh, jive, harmonize
  Antonyms: (v.) clash, be at odds

Enormity - (n.) the quality of exceeding all moral bounds; an exceedingly evil act; huge size, immensity
  Synonyms: atrociousness, heinousness, atrocity, vastness
  Antonyms: mildness, harmlessness, innocuousness

Falter - (v.) to hesitate, stumble, lose courage; to speak hesitatingly; to lose drive, weaken, decline
  Synonym: waver
  Antonyms: persevere, plug away at

Foreboding - (n.) a warning or feeling that something bad will happen; (adj.) marked by fear, ominous
  Synonyms: (n.) misgiving, presentiment, premonition

Forlorn - (adj.) totally abandoned and helpless; sad and lonely; wretched or pitiful; almost hopeless
  Synonyms: woebegone, forsaken, bereft, pathetic
  Antonyms: jaunty, buoyant, blithe, chipper

Haughty - (adj.) chillingly proud and scornful
  Synonyms: disdainful, supercilious
  Antonyms: meek, humble, unassuming, modest

Impediment - (n.) a physical defect; a hindrance, obstacle
  Synonyms: obstruction, stumbling block
  Antonyms: help, advantage, asset, plus

Imperative - (adj.) necessary, urgent; (n.) a form of a verb expressing a command; that which is necessary or required
  Synonyms: (adj.) essential, indispensable, mandatory
  Antonyms: (adj.) nonessential, unnecessary, optional

Loiter - (v.) to linger in an aimless way, hang around, dawdle, tarry
  Antonym: hurry along

Malinger - (v.) to pretend illness to avoid duty or work, lie down on the job
  Synonyms: goof off, shirk

Pithy - (adj.) short but full of meaning and point 
  Synonyms: terse, short and sweet, meaty, telling
  Antonyms: wordy, verbose, long-winded, foolish, inane

Plunder - (v.) to rob by force, especially during wartime; to seize wrongfully; (n.) property stolen by force
  Synonyms: (v.) pillage, loot, sack; (n.) spoils, pelf

Simper - (v.) to smile or speak in a silly, forced way; (n.) a silly, forced smile
  Synonyms: (v.) snicker, smirk, titter, giggle

Steadfast - (adj.) firmly fixed; constant, not moving or changing
  Synonyms: loyal, faithful, unwavering
  Antonyms: inconstant, fickle, unreliable, vacillating 

Vaunted - (adj.) much boasted about in a vain or swaggering way
  Synonyms: trumpeted, heralded
  Antonyms: downplayed, soft-pedaled, de-emphasized 

Vilify - (v.) to abuse or belittle unjustly or maliciously
  Synonyms: malign, defame, denigrate, traduce
  Antonyms: glorify, extol, lionize 

Waif - (n.) a person (usually a child) without a home or friend, a stray person or animal; something that comes along by chance, a stray bit
  Synonyms: stray, ragamuffin, street urchin 

Wry - (adj.) twisted, turned to one side; cleverly and often grimly humorous
  Synonyms: dryly amusing, ironic, droll
  Antonyms: humorless, solemn, straight

Unit 4



Annul - (v.) to reduce to nothing; to make ineffective or inoperative; to declare legally invalid or void
 Synonyms: cancel, abolish, invalidate, nullify
 Antonyms: validate, authorize, ratify 

Blasé - (adj.) indifferent, bored as a result of having enjoyed many pleasures; apathetic
 Antonyms: enthusiastic, passionate, fervent

Bolster - (v.) to support, give a boost to; (n.) a long pillow or cushion; a supporting post
 Synonyms: (v.) strengthen, reinforce, buttress, validate
 Antonyms: (v.) undermine, weaken, impair

Deplore - (v.) to feel or express regret or disapproval
 Synonyms: lament, bemoan, bewail
 Antonyms: approve, commend, extol

Frivolous - (adj.) of little importance, not worthy of serious attention; not meant seriously
 Synonyms: silly, foolish, inane, patty, trifling
 Antonyms: serious, important, significant

Muster - (v.) to bring together for service or battle; to gather or summon; to amount to, comprise, include; (n.) a list of men for military service; a gathering, accumulation
 Synonyms: (v.) mobilize, marshal; (n.) roster, inventory
 Antonyms: (v.) disband, dismiss, disperse

Nonentity - (n.) a person or thing of no importance
 Synonyms: nobody
 Antonyms: celebrity, superstar

Obsess - (v.) to trouble, haunt, or fill the mind
 Synonyms: preoccupy

Ornate - (adj.) elaborately decorated; showily splendid
 Synonyms: fancy, elaborate, flashy, flamboyant
 Antonyms: simple, plain, stark, austere

Oust - (v.) to remove, drive out of a position or place
 Synonyms: expel, eject
 Antonyms: admit, welcome

Peruse - (v.) to read thoroughly and carefully
 Synonyms: study, pore over, scrutinize

Porous - (adj.) fill of tiny holes; able to be penetrated by air or water
 Synonyms: leaky, permeable
 Antonyms: airtight, waterproof

Promontory - (n.) a high point of land extending into water
 Synonyms: cliff, headland

Prone - (adj.) lying face down; inclined, likely
 Synonyms: prostrate, liable, apt
 Antonyms: standing upright, unlikely

Qualm - (n.) a pang of conscience, uneasiness, misgiving, or doubt; a feeling of faintness or nausea
 Synonyms: regret, second thought, scruple

Recourse - (n.) a person or thing turned to for help or advice; the act of seeking help or protection
 Synonyms: redress, remedy, resort

Residue - (n.) a remainder, that which remains when a part has been used up or removed
 Synonyms: remnant, remains, leavings

Solicitous - (adj.) showing concern or care; fearful or anxious about someone or something
 Synonyms: concerned
 Antonyms: unconcerned, indifferent, apathetic

Staid - (adj.) serious and dignified; quiet or subdued in character or conduct
 Synonyms: sedate, soccer, prim
 Antonyms: gaudy, jaunty, unconventional

Sustain - (v.) to support, nourish, keep up; to suffer, undergo; to bear up under, withstand; to affirm the validity
 Synonyms: foster, maintain